Reader Thoughts

lora“I love the goals section. You can’t get to where you want to go, unless you know exactly what you want and plot the course to get there. The goal achieving section alone will change your life as well as your business. This book is a MUST HAVE in order to help the more artistic mind, focus, plan and organize.”
Lora Condon aka “The Beauty Buster”
Author of Spa Wars: The Ugly Truth About The Beauty Industry

“I think this is an excellent book for massage, spa and wellness professionals. In fact any health care professional could use it. It is very step by step and sequential but focused. I love the worksheets and examples. They are a great way to get your thoughts and goals down and create a working model. If you’ve bought this book, I think you have a winner.” 
Dr. Dennis Buckley, DC
Author of SCORE: Student Chiropractors On Road to Excellence

Allan“This book is a fabulous resource for spa owners, managers and employees as well as solo operators. By using the techniques, tips and scripts to get and keep new clients, your business and staff will make more money while providing a more rewarding experience for your customers.”

Allan Share
President ~ Day Spa Association/International Medical Spa Association 

shelene1small-1“Whether you are just starting out or have been in business for decades and would like more clients, this is the book for you! Felicia has created a book that will absolutely elevate your marketing skills and you WILL make more money.  Her valuable experience and wisdom shows up in every word.  I highly recommend that you have this book in your library, you will use it over and over again.”

Shelene Taylor
Author of Massage Business Success! 

patti“Full of practical advice and tips that any business can begin using tomorrow this is a great resource. I especially loved the idea that your e-mail signature is a marketing opportunity-free and easy to use!”

Patti Biro
Patti Biro and Associates

tina and me
“Bring new clients through the door and learn to keep them, with Felicia’s tips in “Free & Easy Ways to Promote Your Massage, Spa & Wellness Business.”  This book describes achievable goals in an easy to follow step-by-step fashion, so therapists can master each strategy towards building a more successful practice.”
Tina Allen
Author of A Modern Day Guide to Massage with Children
Founder ~ Liddle Kidz Foundation

“Felicia Brown surely has shared from experience and wisdom a great guideline for any therapist that provides clear and concise information. I specifically appreciate the goal setting. Simple, easy, baby steps to get you where you want to go.” 

Gloria Coppola, LMT, 
Author of Both Ends of the Rainbow: Lomilomi ~ A Healing Journey

don“Felicia Brown combines experience, insight and business-savvy in her first book.  A delightful read, the book provides effective tactics, starting with coaching the reader to identify her/his own passions and forming a vision of the ideal client.

The advice is pragmatic filled with exercises and sample scripts for the reader to flatten her/his learning curve and get on quickly with the business of building a clientele.  I found the section on working with social media particularly helpful, and applaud the section on working first with PYK…People You Know.”

Donald Quinn Dillon, RMT
Author of Massage Therapist Practice: Start – Sustain – Succeed

nancy g“Felicia’s book is full of practical, affordable tips to gain new massage clients and get more business from current clients. In addition to tons of good information, Felicia offers real-life scripts and workbooks so the reader can go through his/her own process and customize marketing tactics for each unique situation. This book is a “must-have” for any individual massage therapist or spa owner wanting to grow their business.”
Nancy Griffin
Principal – Contento Marketing Group

drew“Building your own massage practice can be a very daunting task.  This book is full of some fantastic, achievable ideas that will most certainly provide you with a strong return on investment. I have done many of these exact same concepts while building The Boston Bodyworker. And I will tell you that they work, IF you are willing to put forth the effort.  If you are serious about having a rewarding career in massage, than invest in yourselfby purchasing this book.  If you want to achieve success, follow the easy to navigate steps that Felicia provides and get ready to see your business and career begin to soar.”

Drew Freedman
The Boston Bodyworker, LLC
& Let’s Get Clinical 

AngieFelicia, I was honored to get a copy of your book, and I must say, I found it very educational. You provided pointers and tips in multitude,and even an old marketing salt like me learned a few new tricks. I appreciate the time it takes to produce this type of work, and I believe many will benefit from the content you provide. Thank you for being so dedicated to helping people grow their business.
Angie Patrick
Massage Warehouse

selo“Felicia demonstrates joy in her profession and loves to aid those who seek her counsel to take their businesses and organizations to the next level. Her words, ideas, persistence and work model ensure that you will get the job done.  We highly recommend Felicia and her book because of her service, passion, friendliness and professionalism.”
Selo Arankanfil
President/ Founder

kayceI first met Felicia Brown at a national massage & bodywork conference where she spoke on a panel. She is engaging, candid, with an impressive background as a spa owner, massage therapist, speaker and coach. A spa industry friend recommended Felicia’s new book, and I found it to be a great read… very helpful, informative, and containing valuable marketing insights. I’ve personally been in the massage & spa industry for over a decade and read countless books on the subject, yet I still found a lot of insights and new spins on ideas that were creative and re-shaped my perception. Highly recommend this book for massage students, those new in the field, as well as owners of spas & growing private practices. Very readable, entertaining and helpful.

Kayse Gehret, CMT
Founder, Soulstice Spa

julie o“Marketing is often a scary word to massage therapists. The idea of putting themselves out there in the public can trigger all sorts of fears and misconceptions. Felicia Brown tackles this in the very first chapter by clearly explaining just what marketing is – ‘It about anything you do that that creates these impressions of you, your facility, staff, reputation or work.’ Put so simply, this allows the readers to just get on with it! Felicia provides some very simple and low cost ways to build your massage business. You are marketing every day in everything you do – so just be yourself and share your gift of massage!”
Julie Onofrio

oakworks2“Almost done with your new book.. Lots of great business advice even if you aren’t a massage therapist. Highly recommended. The chapter on Keeping Clients Through Rebooking and the value of your existing customers really hit a nerve. I see lots of promotions that are for new customers only. Well, what about your loyal customers who have been with you for several years? My satellite TV provider immediately comes to mind…and not in a good way.

Thanks for an informative & valuable read…looking forward to Part 2!”
Lisa Severn
Oakworks Massage Tables  

So I met this brilliant woman this year at the FSMTA show in Orlando. I was gifted one of her books and have read it inside and out TWICE. I will be using almost all of the info and the free downloads in this book. I am so excited to start my new career in the field of Massage Therapy and will be referring to this book though out my career I am sure. Way to go Felicia and look forward to seeing you next year.

Mark Woodford
Massage Therapist

This is a must have and you must follow her suggestions! I have been in the wellness business for over 14 years, full time and successful. Her suggestions are spot on and clearly outlined for implementation. As a result of reading her book, I had new to do’s for my business…about 8 to get started with today!Thanks Felicia for putting this together! And I look forward to Volume 2.

Desert Wind Healing Arts
Tucson, AZ

As a Mobile Spa Business Owner and Student of Spalutions/Felicia Brown I found the book to be inspiring, direct and easy to digest. Marketing is never an easy task and one of the more expensive items to budget for in any business. Free and Easy Marketing will help you achieve new clients without burning a hole in your pocket. In fact, what I love about the book is it not only gives you great ideas to market your business but breaks down the cost vs. the return. Definitely some fresh ideas between the pages.

Bridget Turnbach
Massage Therapist

I am LOVING your new book. I take it with me everywhere and my husband tells me to put it and my notebook down constantly. Thank you.
Margaret Olson

This book is an easy read. I’ve read the book at least 4 times since I’ve received it. I love how it is built like a workbook which causes you to actually use the book and you can go back to it time and time again to keep your business on track. Felicia does a great job of breaking down goals and basic marketing to make it easily understandable, but even more importantly she writes in a way that pushes you to take action.

I’m looking forward to reading Volume two in this series.

Luisa Caraballo 

 Felicia, I found your “baby” (book) very informative. No matter how long you have been a therapist there is always something new to learn for marketing your business.. I appreciate all of your hard work and dedication you but into creating her and sharing it with all of us….

Tammy Moody
Massage Therapist

“Felicia understands the rebooking process and her tips really work.”

Samantha Hamilton

“Since I have implemented the advice from this book I have seen my requested therapist rate climb 20%. My clients are coming more frequently and waiting to see me specifically.”

Jamie Arial Cheek, LMBT 
Therapist at Massage Envy  

“Felicia’s book is full of pragmatic wisdom that you can start utilizing today.  She really knows the business of bodywork and guides bodyworkers to a fuller schedule book with easy, step by step instructions.  I highly recommend what Felicia and Spalutions have to offer.”

Jacob Kelly 
Professional Bodyworker and Sound Healer 

“I took a lot of what you said and put to good use. Last week I was at a salon getting my hair done. When I went up to the counter to pay, the girl took the money and that was it. I had enjoyed the whole thing up till that point. You leave feeling that you are just a client, and that’s it. If she would have simply asked me how everything went and if I wanted to rebook, it would have made the day complete. This is now one of my points in our hand book at work.”

Heather Small
Massage Therapist & Ayurveda Day Spa Coordinator 

I really loved the book by Felicia Brown. It is divided well and is very thought provoking which helps you actually start to fly instead of just talking about flying.

The reason I rated it a 4 is because in the kindle version, you are unable to see all of the quotes, which is a bummer in my book! If you are in the spa world, put this one on your list or buy it now!

~ Brandon J

Excellent value in this book! Well-written, comprehensive, insightful, smart. Practical, up-to-date (2015), encouraging, fun.

Author knows her stuff, and took the time to write a unique, value-packed book with her readers in mind. Easy to digest, full of actionable insights. No filler, tacky promotion, or fluff. Handy scripts, posters, checklists.

Everything an LMT or similar would need to know to find direction/clarity, gain traction, and move toward their practice goals. Well done – Highly recommend!

~ Licensed Massage Therapist

I have been called to venture out on my own and I needed some tips on marketing, getting and maintaining clients, and referrals. Felicia covers all that information in this book as well as offering additional useful information like networking, growing your business, and helping you get a visual on goal setting and achieving!

Within the first few days of reading this book, I begin to apply the information I read and ta-dah! A client purchased a package from me and now she comes in on a weekly basis. I applied her referral program and ta-dah! I now have consistent clientele! I am so excited and encourage anyone who is looking to expand themselves to check out Felicia’s book!!

~ R. Agrand


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