Healing Cards

One of the most popular “touches” Felicia uses with her own clients is positive thought cards. As a massage therapist, she places a card on the massage table before each session. Clients are then invited to read the card before their massage and – if they like – keep as a memento from the session. After years of using various cards made by other people, Felicia has now created her own.

sunflower card 1

Sunflower Princess Healing Cards
A companion product to
The Sunflower Princess
This deck comes with 30 cards filled
with quotes about healing and forgiveness.
$11.95 + shipping

stone card 1
Zen Stones Healing Cards
This mini-deck comes with 10 cards with a beautiful image
of healing stones on the front. On the back of each card is
an inspirational quote and related suggestion for applying
the quote to a particular area of life.

heart card 1
Heartfelt Quotes Cards 
This deck comes with 20 cards in four different
heart-themed designs. Each has a beautiful quote
about life, friendship or love. A perfect gift!

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