The ABCs of PR

Photo by Janis Antonek
Felicia outside of A to Zen ~ Photo by Janis Antonek

Recently I was featured in a local blog, The blogger, Janis Antonek, is a teacher by day and blogs about her passion, the city of Greensboro, NC in her free time. Each day she features photos she takes of different people, places, and events in our area along with a little write up about them. My mention, F is for Felicia, is part of a series she does on what she calls “ABC Wednesdays.”

How did I get featured? Networking with the local business owners in my neighborhood. One of them knew Janis and thought of me immediately when she needed an “F” name for this week’s post. I visit this neighbor’s business periodically, send her customers and let her know about specials and events we have coming up. It’s a pretty casual relationship, but one of several like this I’ve tried to establish.

The point is to say that you never know where your next client or opportunity to find them will come from. Be a good neighbor and get to know the professionals and businesses around you as it can lead to bigger and better things.

True, one article and piece of PR will not automatically make my business busier, nor guarantee any additional clients. However, being acquainted with my neighbors as well as being ready, willing and able to fit being available for the interview and photo shoot added one more trail people may use to find my business and services.

Look for and embrace opportunities like this whenever you can. By doing so, you may be the next name featured in someone’s else’s alphabet-related column!


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