How to Use Reviews and Testimonials

typing-smallRecently I’ve been very fortunate to receive some glowing reviews and testimonials about me as a massage therapist and author. (See past column) Besides making me smile big, feel like I’m in the right field and believe what I do actually makes a difference in other people’s lives, getting reviews also helps other people make the decision to purchase my books, get on my massage table, or schedule a coaching session. As I mentioned in a recent column, reviews also give past clients confidence that they too have made the right choice in choosing to work with me or my business.

But will they ever see the reviews?

In my world, YES! When I see a positive review, I look for ways to spread the news and impact. Here are a few ways you can use/re-use the reviews you get.

  1. Post on Facebook and other social media sites. Be sure to include a picture of your facility, yourself or that illustrates what a special experience you provide
  2. Add to your website. This can be on a special “testimonials” page or intermixed around your services, bio or other information.
  3. Include in a newsletter or blog. Include links to review sites where you’d like the reader to post their own reviews.
  4. Post in your business. Reviews can make for an interesting read in a guest book or “brag board” in your waiting area.

Don’t be afraid to ask for feedback about what you do. Even a negative review here and there can give you helpful feedback and insights into how to make your business better.
3D-(LR)Some recent reviews about my book Free & Easy Ways to Promote Your Massage, Spa & Wellness Business on Amazon

“This book offers simple but great advice. Gave me some great resources for social media and marketing. Can’t wait to start implementing them.”

“I have been called to venture out on my own and I needed some tips on marketing, getting and maintaining clients, and referrals. Felicia covers all that information in this book as well as offering additional useful information like networking, growing your business, and helping you get a visual on goal setting and achieving! Within the first few days of reading this book, I begin to apply the information I read and ta-dah! A client purchased a package from me and now she comes in on a weekly basis. I applied her referral program and ta-dah! I now have consistent clientele! I am so excited and encourage anyone who is looking to expand themselves to check out Felicia’s book!!”

“This is a must have and you must follow her suggestions! I have been in the wellness business for over 14 years, full-time and successful. Her suggestions are spot on and clearly outlined for implementation. As a result of reading her book, I had new to do’s for my business…about 8 to get started with today!”

Read them all or leave your own. You can also get a FREE copy of the book’s Online Resources by clicking here.


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