I Just Got a 5 Star Review – Why You Need to Share the Good News

yelpI just got a 5 Star Review on Yelp:-)

It’s from a brand new massage client that I met at my last triathlon. You can read about that here and I’ll share more in a future article on how I used that event to market my wellness center/spa.

For now, here’s the review:

“Felicia helped me recover from driving aches and pains. one hour made all the difference in my life. She gave me active stretches to do for homework. I feel 100% better after my massage. Thank you!”  ~ Jane

As soon as I saw it, I shared it on Facebook. Besides the fact that seeing this first thing made my day, I wanted to share this review because I have two open appointments tomorrow I’d like to fill. Reading a review like this is likely to help possible new clients to try me as well as to remind current clients why they like me. If also affirms in people’s minds that I am good at what I do and that even if today’s not the day, I am the person they’ll call when they need a massage.

Tooting your own horn is a great way to promote yourself and is one more way of “showing up” when others won’t. Don’t be afraid to share your accomplishments, big and small. Your clients and friends will be proud of you and often both you and your bank account will feel good when you do it.


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