Follow-Up or Fail. It’s your choice!

letterOne of the biggest secrets to being successful is simply following up. That’s right…just getting back in touch with someone after an initial meeting, conversation or consultation. Yet the idea scares the crap out of a lot of people including the person in the letter below.

Check out a recent reader’s concerns, and read my response to see if it can help you with your own follow up issues.

Dear Felicia –

My employer just gave me a list of past clients who haven’t been in for facials in a while.  I am supposed to be calling them to invite them back at a reduced rate, but I am having a hard time doing that.  I get so nervous talking on the phone that I get tongue-tied or talk too fast and have no confidence at all.  

Any suggestions on getting my calls made with more confidence and better results? 

Fast Talker

Dear FT –

Why not write down a script or checklist of what you plan to say. Then practice your dialogue before the call. When you finally get up the nerve to call the first person. take a deep breath, relax and remind yourself that your intention is to let clients you miss and care about them, as well as to share an offer that will help them save money and take care of themselves.Here’s a quick example of what I might say:

Hi _______________. It’s Jennifer from Spa Di Da.  It’s been a while since you were last in and we miss seeing you here. How’ve you been? 

I’d like to give you a special offer to come in this week/month for another facial. The welcome back offer is your choice of a Deluxe facial for the price of an Standard Facial session OR a 15% off an any service. Which would you prefer?

Make sure to have a list of times ready that might appeal to those you call based on past visits and your availability. Put a friendly tone in your voice and smile while you are talking. And…remind yourself that even if they don’t book, you are in no worse shape business-wise then you were before you made the call. But if you don’t follow up with those who have expressed an interest in working with you – past, present or future – , they may never call (again) on their own. And that’s a sure way to fail in any business.

What tools do you use to make follow up easy? Share them below so we can all succeed:-)

2 thoughts on “Follow-Up or Fail. It’s your choice!

  1. One of the biggest things I have noticed with doing this is how much it does work!
    Beyond that, help with fine tuning is always much appreciated.
    If they don’t answer do I leave a VM or do I hang up and text them. Personally, I get the most response back by texting them. Not my ideal way to contact people but… Thoughts??


    • Colleen, I have some clients who prefer texts in general so I don’t even both to call them. Others like Facebook messages, or email so that’s what I use with them. But if I know they prefer good old fashioned voice mail, I will leave a message. When in doubt, ask them their preference and make note of it for the next time you need to check in.


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